The Don’ts in an Interview

Oh yea! It’s the big day. You’re walking into the interview, so make sure you don’t do these simple mistakes.

  1. Don’t under dress!

It’s better to overdress than under dress. In my experiences people came in my office with jeans and joggers on. Don’t make the mistake of dressing similar to what you see the employees where. Dress for the position you are aiming for. If the boss is wearing a button down, you should be wearing the button down or better. The moment you walk in and your appearance is the slightest out of character, you have lost.

2. Don’t make Negative comments about your previous employer.

Your previous employer is your prior employer for a reason. Either you decided to part ways or you were terminated. Why bring a topic up that is not needed for discussion? Employers want to know what you can bring to the table. You don’t want them to think negativity is one of them. Obviously, they will ask why you are no longer with them. Simply reply they were not a good fit and you wanted a better opportunity.

3.Don’t bring visitors to the interview.

I have had the experience of potential employees showing up to the interview with a spouse, child, etc. Employers want to know that you are independent and have a stable childcare provider for your children. You need to show up to the interview by yourself!

4. Drive yourself to the interview.

You know the questions is coming, “Do you have reliable transportation?” Most people always answer this question yes even if they don’t. I have had numerous interviews where the person driving is waiting outside in the car. The worst part? They were in the driver’s seat! If you honestly have your own transportation; drive your own car! If you don’t have your own vehicle but have reliable transportation, be open and honest about how you will make it to work each day.

From The Millennial Academy

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