When I moved to the North, I had 3 beliefs. First, all northerners are Hausa, second, Hausa’s are violent and lastly, Hausa’s are honest. After spending almost a year here, I can boldly say, my notions were/are all false.

All northerners are not Hausa, there are over 30 tribes here. In fact, the Hausa dialect differs from place to place.

No, they’re not all violent. They’re so calm and welcoming. They’re always interested in helping especially when they know you’re a corper. I have had people in the market reduce prices for me and I’ve had numerous “free rides” (I’m normally an anti-free ride person). Even the Fulanis I used to dread so much turned out to be wonderful, I stayed around some of them and oh how I enjoyed fresh cow milk.😀

Yes, northeners are honest but mahnn, not all. I’ve been “gbaaed” aka cheated many times. Lol.

I appreciate the decency here, you just can’t wear trashy clothes here, not like you’re gonna get flogged or anything but then you wouldn’t even feel comfortable in them.

Tribalism is something that shouldn’t even exist in a modern society like ours. The tribe doesn’t define a person. I’ve met Ijebu people that are not stingy, I’ve met Igbo people that don’t maltreat widows, I’ve met decent Akwa Ibom people, I’ve met Ondo people that are not stubborn, I’ve met Benue people that are not flirts, I’ve met Warri people that speak decent English and are quite calm. Above all, I’ve met Yoruba men that are not demons. (Shocking, right?)

I don’t believe in preconceived notions about a tribe because it makes you judge a person before even giving the person a chance to prove his/her worth.

No conclusion. You do the conclusion yourself.

Have a lovely week ahead!

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