Hypnosis & Trance: Two sides of the same coinsciousness

A metaphorical look at these abilities and tendencies of the human mind, and how we might see them as distinct from each other, though connected.

Hi and welcome to the second article of this publication. I am Devin, and I am your guide. By reading this tiny article you will understand how we can view hypnosis and trance as two different aspects of the same mental functions. Let’s begin.

Simply put, trance is a state of mind/awareness/consciousness (m/a/c), while hypnosis is a process of m/a/c and also a process which happens to m/a/c, both intentionally and unintentionally (See Article 1). Trance is the state in which the process of hypnosis occurs, and hypnosis is the process which elicits the trance state. In this way, you can see, they are inherently interconnected and inseparable. (Perhaps this is just semantics, but what isn’t?) Let’s learn by metaphor.

Trance is a train station and hypnosis is the tracks. Your mind is the train and you are the Conductor. The train carries you into the station, and it also carries you out of the station. There are many different tracks you can take, each being a path toward a specific destination, the destination being your goal. The tracks are infinitely long in infinite directions, and there are infinite stations along the tracks. You are always on the train. You are always arriving. You are always departing. And you are always idling in a station, this station representing your current state of m/a/c. In the same way the location of an electron around the nucleus of an atom is uncertain until measured, you are uncertain of which station your train is in until you become aware of yourself through observation. Sometimes, although you have a destination in mind, you miss your stop due to varying degrees of unawareness. And sometimes, you find yourself at a station far from where you wanted to go. This is what happens when your train is left to the control of an Outside Operator. If you are not mindful of which tracks you are following, your destination — your destiny — is out of your control. But this is not your nature. Your true nature is that of the Conductor. You are the Conductor of your train, of your mind. You decide which tracks to follow, which stations to enter, and which passengers may board, that is, which experiences you integrate into your self. Every choice you make affects where you go along these tracks. Be mindful, be decisive, and use your mind responsibly as you follow the tracks of hypnosis. Go where you wish, Conductor.

Now wait one minute. Maybe two. If we use this metaphor to explain all of human experience, then that means every experience is a station of mind/awareness/consciousness, which means that every experience is essentially mental, which means that everything is Mind! And if we use the tracks to move through each and every station, and if our mind-trains are always on the tracks, that means that everything we do is hypnosis! (Hmm. I wonder. This calls for another article!)

Peace & Love,

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