THOUGHTLESSNESS: Destroy your darkest thoughts and become one with all things through deep meditation

THOUGHTLESSNESS: Destroy your darkest thoughts and become one with all things through deep meditation
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Being and thinking are two separate entities

In deep meditation, we find the true nature of our consciousness. Words are redundant in this quest, since Being and Thinking are two separate entities.
 Therefore, it’s not “I think that I am,” it’s rather, “I am that I am.” Being includes all that is, while thinking excludes all that doesn’t belong to a specific thought pattern.
 Being is about integration, while thinking is about differentiation.
 A differentiated mind is a mind in conflict: it clings to “A,” whereas “B” is excluded. A healthy, enlightened mind, on the other hand, embraces “A” and “B,” and integrates all existing phenomena. It simply complies with the situation as it is — regardless of the negative.
 The premise of Life is thus to be found in the simple axiom, “I am that I am,” meaning that the individual consciousness contains all that’s within the moment of perception. As I’m writing this piece, I am my mind, my body, my computer, my house and even the clouds and the birds in the sky. I simply “am that I am.”
 I’m all that is. The whole of my consciousness includes all manifested matter, because it’s the principle of spirit in my Being that brings matter into manifestation. I must be All — if not, I’m not conscious. And since I can perceive and sense, I must be conscious. Therefore, I am that I am.
 Ergo, being precedes thinking, because in a state of complete thoughtlessness, I still am.
 In order to think, I must “be,” but I don’t need to think in order to exist (or “be”).

The essence of meditation

The essence of meditation is to ease the thinking process and soothe the mind, so Being can advance into Becoming — growing, creating, developing, playing and moving on, letting go of the past and proceeding towards the Light, which is immortality.
 If I exclude the chair I’m sitting on from my Being, it becomes a mere idea, an unmanifested object. Since it is manifested, it must be animated and alive. Moreover, I’m one with the chair, just like I’m one with every atom in my whole external reality.
 I’m the people I meet. I’m the cat sitting in my lap. I’m the rain pouring from the sky. I’m the sun burning my skin. In short, all sensible things and phenomena are merely a reflection of my own feelings and thoughts.
 Thoughtlessness isn’t having no thoughts or living with a blank mind, it’s simply eradicating the destructive, negative ones via the process of meditation and filling the heart (again) with pure creativity and love in order to restore the personal consciousness to a state of Light.
 This state is nothing more than a personal Garden of Eden with no sickness, no misery, no conflict and no death. All we have to do is go deep within ourselves and neutralize our individual dark side via the noble art of meditation. Every human being is indeed their own personal saviour — nobody other than you can do it for you.
 You are that you are.
 Human consciousness, in a state of complete thoughtlessness, is just like a spiritual gas station: it increases the energy, restores the Light and fills the heart with fresh dreams, hope and desires. And it balances the ratio between the external and the internal.
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