Letter to Munroe Bergdorf…

from one of the “ALL WHITE PEOPLE”

My family White family, like Many black families across the western world, has Very Little RECORDED history. We know my surname XXXX (redacted) originated in the North East of Scotland. My Irish family McXXX were traced. Before my grandmother died, she managed to go back to HER grandmothers birthplace. A field. “Were there houses here?” she asked. “NO, just tents”. They were traveling farm labour. Not Romani people. Irish travelling labour.

My Scottish roots, the XXXX side of my family. Probably ended up in central Scotland following Highland Clearances (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highland_Clearances) … Where poor self sufficient tenant farmers where kicked off their land by Rich land owners they could raise sheep for cheap wool.

Now some of these people went to America, where in the south, poor Scottish people may have become involved in persecution. Its thought that the Klan (KKK) was started by people of that heritage.

But my family struggled on in Scotland. In the inner city. In ship yards and steel foundries. earning a minimal income.

My family was subject to persecution because an Protestant boy (my Grandfather) married a Catholic girl, (My Grandmother).Since then its been council houses, alcoholism, minimum wages etc etc. We now live in a rural town in southwest England. I would love to see my white privilege.

White privilege DOES exist, Black people are statistically more likely to be targeted in the USA for things like traffic violations and minor drug offences while the crimes are committed at the same rate.

But in the UK, I know very average middle class males who seem to get by on nothing. … Maybe call it Middle Class Privilege.

But I do not see that in my life. I see lots of white people with mental health issues and poor education dealt a bad hand by society. Nothing to do with skin colour. Come visit where I live. Poor part of a rural town in England now. Not much diversity — still poverty.

When you say ALL WHITE People — thats me. What can I do… tell me and I’ll try between the food bank, the soup run in the town, and the doctors struggling to get support for my mental health. I try do my bit.

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