Marco Kozlowski’s Path to Success

What is your definition of wealth? Is it money? Millions of money? Well, if you ask Marco Kozlowski, his definition of wealth is time and money. His wealth that he and his family enjoy. Don’t you know that his path to wealth is not easy? Just like you and me, he struggled a lot in his life. He was a concert pianist, young, and broke. He has a family to take care of. His wife and his four children depend on him. Aside from being a music man, he would accept any available work just to make ends meet. As a result, he was not making enough money and he didn’t have much time to spend with his family.

He felt like he will not be able to achieve his dreams in life if he remains in Montreal. So, he moved to Ottawa and opened his own music school. It was a scary move but his hopes were higher than his fear. His business went well and it allowed him to open another music school in Florida. Little did he know that his decision of opening a music school in Florida would open doors of opportunity, but this time, not in the industry of music, but in the real estate.

He participated in a real estate event in Florida where he gained a lot of insights about the real estate business. He saw it as an opportunity to financially get closer to his dream of being financially independent while having enough time to spend with his family. He started doing real estate deals and his very first deal is a luxury property wherein he was able to profit thousands of dollars. From then on, he decided to focus on real estate.

As his knowledge, skills, and experience grow, his wealth also grows. He was making millions of dollars and what’s even great is that he does not have to trade time for money. A real estate event is all it takes for him to realize that there is a better way of making money. As a way of giving back, he created a system that aims to help others achieve the success that he currently has. He started giving real estate seminars. Whenever he has a chance, he attends to live events and be a keynote speaker. This is to motivate others to do real estate so that they too can have the chance to improve their life.

Marco also does one-on-one coaching. If you want to follow his success path, then all you need to do is to contact Kozlowski. He has a lot of insights to share and the system he uses is a tested and proven effective. It is the very same system he used to improve his life. If it works for him, then it will surely work for you. Marco Kozlowski will be there for you every step of the way and all you need to do is to apply the learnings and insights.