The missing opportunity for hotels

OTAs have grown and taken the world by storm. Studies show that over 50% of all hotel nights booked in Europe are booked through Online Travel Agencies.
But the real issue is the controversy and control that OTAs use to manipulate hotels in order to gain more money and more power as the main distribution channel.
The way things are right now, and with OTAs gaining more negotiating power over room availability and price, hotels are getting sales, but at what acquisition cost?!?
This level of market consolidation has proved, a real nightmare for hotels.

But there is a missing opportunity for hotels…

Hotel employees often travel for leisure with their families or friends and find themselves making hotel bookings through OTAs, like any other standard hotel guest, since they don’t get any motivation to act otherwise.
On the other hand, hotels in this case, still end up paying commission to OTAs, for receiving these reservations through their distribution channels.

With HotelMate we empower hotels, to avoid outsourcing their internal market segments, to already established OTA channels and instead drive the revenue and relevant market share, within each hotel and the hotel industry as a whole.

We return the focus back to hotels, by actively engaging each hotelier in expanding the applicable market segment of the platform.That’s why, only employees of HotelMate’s member hotels, are additionally eligible to extend reservation benefit through HotelMate, to their family members and also friends.

For hoteliers, to register their properties with HotelMate, is about sending a message… that they care for the hotel industry and reflect it that way.

Besides that, it’s also matter of ethos & reward, for the industry’s most valuable assets…their employees.

Will hotels, keep missing this opportunity?

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