A testimony for our daily wars.

It’s a daily war about giving in to the darkness and keep on struggling against all the pain, suffering, tragedy, humiliation, hardship and loss that makes up our illness. We may hate our illness, but we can’t hardly hate what our illness has made of us.

I’ve been feeling closely this excruciating pain so far: The impulses, and the constant voices in your head saying how unworthy to be here, how many “you are unworthy of living” have been pushed into you. But, each day we win, we survive, and those who have not these forces pushing them have no concept of how strong all we are for winning a war daily against things that would immobilize any of them…

I have had friends and relatives telling me how weak I am, and yeah, I know, in the deep of my heart, that they would never get out of the bed, if for a moment they were shown what really goes on inside.

Each day we survive is another victory we can draw on. Today, I am 30, which means many years of countless victories upon this invisible opponent.

We can’t lose sight of what it means to live each day out, when your body conspires against you, but we are not weak, we are strong: By surviving daily, we show how strong we are.

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