Never forget what you are

The Sky is Mine

These days were not the best days, though. I confronted myself in order to notice something mysterious and nefarious about the human behavior…

I was observing people complaining about those who are genuine pessimists, in other words, those who express their negative thoughts in a explicit way. Ok, there is nothing special with that, there are a lot of pessimists around and who cares? Who gives a damn about them? I do. I listen to them, I care about their thoughts, words and their vision of life — as I wrote in some posts ago — they’re intended to show another perspective. As long as you’re careful with it, you’ll take good advantage in understanding and comprehending them. However, “explicit” pessimists are not the point of this article.

In order to be a good person, people may hide their worst and most harrowing secrets in order to expose just what they have as “best behavior”, within a known standard. In the era of “good feelings” and “instant satisfaction”, why people would behave as opposed to this?

Specially in Brazil, It’s pretty common to find someone cheerful, outgoing and humorous. But some of them may hide many secrets. Why? Why are these people hiding secrets, specially about their real personality?

Some months ago I had contact with a person who scared me a lot with her/his misterious personality. He/she was always trying to live her life humorous and cheerfully. If something bad had happened to me and I started to complain or criticize, she immediately accused me of being an unsuccessful person or associated my momentary mood as if it was my stable mood. It occurred me several times, including with different people.

Then, I decided to investigate such behavior…

What’s the main difference between being discrete or explicit with your ideals and thoughts? Nowadays, with the advent of social networks, solitary people may tend to find a way to express themselves, even exposing them in a extreme way, which may bother other users. In an era of an increased superficiality, most of us are scared about express ourselves, retaliation isn’t painless and enforces some kind of fear. That’s the point, the fear! Then I started to realize that some of those persons were not happy at all, they’re caged, trapped.

The conclusion? If your behavior consists about only complain and complain, such as mine, pay attention. You’ve got to find a healthy way to guide yourself instead of being a fake good mood person.. Somehow, someone will figure out what’s really implicit in your actions, specially if you’re pessimist and enforcing yourself into a conduct that you’re not really into isn’t the most suitable solution.

Trust me, if you’ve realized that you’re as pessimist as the others that surround yourself, you’re doing very well: You gave one step beyond others or at least your consciousness was found. The next step? Do not sabotage yourself, avoid skipping stages and recognize that change of attitudes takes time.

And, of course, always repeat to yourself, loud: “Never forget what you are.”

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