There should be a question about What Themis Network exactly is, and the simple answer for that is “the fair exchange escrow service with blockchain technology.” There are many services that are aiming to achieve low-cost transaction, if not free, but the transaction fees have been increasing day by day for many of the cryptocurrencies. Themis Network, a government backed blockchain solution, is aiming to be the first cryptocurrency which provides stable and reliable transaction through the blockchain technology.

The main features of Themis are as follows:

Fair Exchange via Group Escrow: After exchange, either both seller and buyer can obtain all the goods(digital currencies, digital assets, physical goods) they want, or they can obtain nothing (All-or-nothing) Furthermore, group escrow enables Themis to resist the single point faoilure issue and the DoS attacks.

Anonymous Reputation Mechanism based on Verifiable Shuffles and Linkable Ring Signatures: Themis employs the verifiable shuffles and the linkable ring signatures to build the reputation based mechanism. The validity of the online transaction is assessed anonymously preventing from malicious users’ transactions.

Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof: The installation of Zero-Knowledge Proof solves the privacy issues that cryptocurrencies often face.

The detailed information of Themis is available on whitepaper.


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