This Labor Day the Struggle Continues
Bernie Sanders

Thank you for this article Senator. I have been following your travels across the country, and I listen to your podcast as well. Moreover, I am on board with everything you have been saying in regards to the Koch brothers/1%, health care for all/single payer, net neutrality, general corruption in politics (especially under Trump), and last but by no means least, climate change.

However, being a First Generation Cuban American, from what I understand, you have a certain admiration for the system in Castro’s Cuba, and for obvious reasons, I do find that to be a bit concerning. Although, as they say, no one is perfect.

At any rate, I appreciate everything you do, and from my standpoint, you are probably one of the hardest working politicians in Washington. I admire your tenacity and willingness to fight for what is right. If you decide to run in 2020, which I hope you do, you will definitely get my vote.

Again, thank you for the article and for everything you do.

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