Sumeru asana

Steps to do the Sumeru asana (The Summit Posture) : 
 Go into vajrasana state.
 Now switch to the feline stance (marjari asana).
 Raise the rear end and straighten your knees.
 The back and arms ought to be in straight line with your head between the elbows.
 The body ought to be in the position of a triangle. Place your hands on the ground.
 Raise your hands and come back to the feline posture.

Breathing during Sumeru Asana

Sumeru asana

Inhale while raising your rump.
 Breathe out while coming back to the feline stance.


Perform this asana atleast 10 Times
 Stay in the last posture up to 30 seconds.


Sumeru asana

This asana should not be practiced by vertigo or hypertension patients.

Sumeru asana


This asana extends the Achille’s ligaments, hamstring and calf muscles, and tones the sciatic nerves.

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