All this Make More Sense Now

The secret of our existence is so simple that it’s escape to our intelligence by her simplicity. No one can ever grams the whole neutrality of the universe. Know the truth and the truth will make you free.

Some must be placed in the foreground; others must be camped in the part of the soul, in the imagination, in the intelligence, in one or the other.

The universe and humanity are like two lovers who made a mistake on the place of rendez-vous. Everyone is there before the hour but in a different place.

The lover is nailed, motionless, perpetuated. The lover is distracted and impatient.

”The impossibility is the limit of the possible”

When life give you a particular choice, she orders you to take it strongly. Something mysterious in the universe is for those who believe in the existence of good and beautiful.

The creation in its purity, a burning love directed towards the universe. Beauty is a beautiful incarnation of the sensitive universe.

The beauty of the universe is the mark that it is real.

Love is the form of beauty. The world is beautiful, evens the evil that seems to be limitless, has a kind of terrible beauty. Evil is the perfect form of the suffering being. Evil, are only rays coming from another source.

”Possible loves — are for fools — Wise men have — impossible loves”

When you receives an atom of love, wait and let it grow. To believe in it is to have faith.To believe in the power and strength of the universe is to create a truth to which one adheres.

Patience tires the patience of the universe. The patience of the fishermen is a beautiful image of patience... The universe is like a woman whispering in her lover’s ear for hours without stopping:

“I love you — I love you — I love you — I love you — I love you — I love you … “.

”Friendship is an equality made of harmony”

Friendship assumes that two beings have come together to achieve equality between them. It’s a perseverance in bliss in one and the other. They are then at the discretion of both.

"Where a man has his treasure, he has his heart.”

Love is real. Really beautiful human beings deserve to be loved.One of the pleasures of human love is to serve, the beloved without knowing it.

The whole universe and all its parts obey to love. So, shut up all these animals in you that scream and prevent you from loving you, to love the planet and others.

To love oneself is love of compassion. Humility is the only permissible form of self-love. All virtues sounds finished in humility. Wisdom teaches us that.

Humility is the root of love. The love that adheres to the desire of others is compassion. Love loves all who love her. Love must pass over negative energies. Negative virtue is empty energy.

Beloved beings provide comfort, energy, and stimulus. We love them like a cannibal lover.To love correctly is to love in a human being, its hunger.

Love you without conditions because self — love is unconditional. The conditioned loves are exhausted when conditions are lacking. Even a mother’s love is exhausted if none of the conditions for its renewal exist .

”We live the death of the gods and the gods live our death”

The human race has no respect for its conscience. The candle represents human life which at all times offers the universe the internal combustion of all thoughts.

The Devil doesn’t exist. It’s a collective phantasm. In hell, there is no desire for love, so you can’t suffer. The first problem is the way the human spend their days. To love what does not exist is madness, a torture of the soul.

Death teaches us that we don’t exist. The acceptance of death is the only liberation. Murders and suicide leaves the horror intact. Possession is not satisfaction. Time is our torment. Time is a punishment.

The contemplation of time is the key to human life. All missed acts are attempts to escape time and the pain nails us at the time.