From within what universe is love distinguished?

The real is simple, the possibilities are legion. Love is the gift of trust, solicitude, goods, qualities and virtues that one possesses.

Love is a philosopher. He is the all-powerful master of men and even gods.

One must have a solidly seated self and be planted on both legs to love.

Love is an affirmation of oneself, a will to power that is entirely interested in achieving its ends. We give what we are.

To love, to give, to be. The birth of love is made in intuition. We love what we once loved.

Love is a violent and ardent sensuality unconscious of itself. Love, as gift, as joy and as passion, is the good which bases and justifies life.

Love is the most powerful and the most energetic of all springs; It constantly monopolizes half the forces and thoughts of humanity.

Separate lovers deceive absence by a thousand chimerical things that have their reality.

Lovers never see them, only take care of them, and the only thing they can do is to love each other.

“All the roads are long toward what the heart desires”

True and perfect love is recognized by the fact that one has great hope and confidence in providence. Love, trusted, has in it a true knowledge and a certainty without doubt.

When two beings have a violent passion for each other, it always seems that, whatever the obstacles which separate them, the two lovers are one to the other, by nature, in spite of the human conventions .

True love needs eternity for its devotion and its hopes. If there was no love, the sun would go out.

The seat of love is in the will; The more one has the will, the more love one has.

Love is an equation. Love is something luminous, a sense of contemplation, a jubilation.

Love speaks, it only speaks and makes talk about it. Love is the salutation of the angels to the stars, that is love. Love loves the part of everything, it is rich in resources.

He is an intermediary, a starting point. It consists of both the infinitely large and the infinitely small.

To be in love is to be “made prisoner” by the destiny that binds two beings according to a law that possesses the same degree of transcendent necessity as the conjunction of two stars that hold their strength of the passional intensity.

To love is to want to give, for nothing. It is to desire what is good. It is nothing to the one whom one loves, one gives him love for nothing.

To love is to love something in its totality. It is to be full of tenderness for the whole. To love is the only thing that can occupy and fill eternity.

Love is the recognition of the fact that we are part of a whole, it is the reconstitution of a unity. To infinity, one needs the inexhaustible. Love never perished.

When love has melted and mingled two beings in a unity, the secret of life is found for them. The future belongs more to hearts than to spirits.

We are wise because we love.

“I love you, indispensable, you whose nothing and no one can console me, you who alone will bring me what nobody else will give me.”

Love is blessing in the sense of gratitude. Passionate love is religious, a transcendent good.

Love singles, isolates and distinguishes a being in an exclusive way. To love is to love one being and one.

To love is to find perfections in someone, to divinize him. To love means to love, here and now.

To love is also perhaps to become susceptible to suffering, to reach a sensitivity which, before or in other situations is not awakened nor so exacerbated.

To love is to take and possess, but it is also to give an act, to lose oneself, to dispossess oneself, and by a strange paradox, to find one’s good, by the good of unity, in the good one gives to the other.

Love is patient and demands length of time. Love is full of goodness. Love is that affection which makes us find pleasure in the perfections of what we love.

Love is strong as Death… What Love begins can only end in Death.

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