In the mad race to the save of the earthly planet.

The time has come to propose a new idea and a new world that is shared with other human beings and with the rest of the universe.

If all human are linked to each other, the same humans has clear obligations to each other and to the world they share.

Every year throughout the world, life begins again and the whole world seems fresh and new.

What humans need now is a new way of seeing life on earth that will make them no longer feel separated from the world around them.

We must see ourselves in the world we inhabit. We must broaden the limits we set.

Most of our direct ancestors died centuries ago but their DNA survives in us. Every human is another year of life.

Existence is now and death is part of the case. Life is more valuable because every person will die.

No love without death. No life without life that is lost. A lot of creature have To die so that just a few get To live. Whitout death there would be no life.

Humanity must become aware of the interconnection of every part of the universe and of all aspects of human and non-human life.

The places where humans live are like places where animals live.

The heart of nature we are surrounded by natural things.

Human beings must take lessons from birds because human beings are like animals.

Only human nature is in the mind, and only the human mind. The only thing that the human must be afraid of is the fear of himself. There is no absolute separation between an external world and the world within us.

Humans need to re-connect to the whole universe because the universe has no beginning or end. Without too much effort, with just a slight reorientation of our priorities, we can begin To make this happen.

All people on Earth are part of the cultural and natural histoires of the environnements they inhabit. Once humans move away from their egotistical human need for personal immortality, the central principle of all nonhuman nature is eternal life.

Every landscape, from every perspective of the universe is always thinked by human conscienciouness. As peace is fragile, sooner or later, an astereoid collision or war could wipe us all out.

Beautiful Earth! For his own sake. Who are we ? Where are we ? How can humanity survive in a planet increasingly populated, where wealth are plundered and where resources shrink dramatically ?

— — themonsterp — -

Cp: * Jack*