Love From Space To The Earth.

Heart are you great enough for a seal of love that never tires ?

From earth to the space let’s spread our wings and fly as our ancestors did!

Preparing for a space flight is a discipline for body and mind. Many called, few elected.

What is the characteristic of an astronaut? It is Patience.

The first mission is the most exhilarating. In flight, the body becomes heavier or lighter. It flies. Everything becomes vibrations.

The spationaut flies with her body her spirit and her soul. This is a fantastic ride. The passage of the sound wall and the vibrations reach their climax. It is very exciting.

The astronaut flying for a long time. The cosmonaut plane, owing to its physical environment and weightlessness.

In the cosmic void, is added, a silence, impressive, so heavy, so profound. To the oppressive silence is added the cold darkness like lord of death with its feelings of abandonment.

Suddenly you realize that you are a resident of Earth. You admire the Earth with wonder and adoration. It is truly cosmic. It’s splendid. It’s amazing.

The mother Earth, our Home. Spherical, unique, unrivaled beauty. In two seconds, the sun god burst forth. The Earth is illuminated by the grace of its rays. The darkness is dissipated.

This show is re-enacted sixteen times a day. An adventure that leaves a nostalgia.

What about the return? After that what do you do, on earth for the rest of your life?

if we are overwhelmed by this worldview, why would want to destroy his ecosystem?

Our leaders can help us by going there once and for all.

Cp: Thom_astro

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