Music at the door of death

Music, instead of sounding the trumpets, imposes a contemplation of the universe.

The dignity of music comes from his super — natural effect that transports us into another world.

Its effect is irrepressible and undeniable and implies in — numerable possibilities of interpretations, which it allows us to choose. It reveals something that transcends man and transfigures his own materiality.

Music is a metaphysical activity. Music is what turns noise into sound. Music opens doors of existence and reveals the secret of the universe.

Music is a pleasure. When it expresses pain, it gives birth to a gentle feeling.

It is consoling because of its affective and sensitive nature and because it delivers the secrets of its creator.

Music as an art of sound and rhythm involves the whole being. It brings a certain plenitude.

It is a language of truth, of enthusiasm, the great medium between man and the another worlds. 

So rhythm is the most effective element in music. The feeling of rhythm is the feeling of life. Music, symbolic of life as the pulse beats are concrete signs of life.

The music of the soul exists only where there is life. The soul vibrates like an instrument. In music we are the instrument of which it plays, an animated instrument which feels, which is heard and which experiences pleasure, of discontent according as it is well or badly touched.

The music goes right into the soul by an immediate sensation. It is spirit, by its sounds and its agreements are the matter.

The activity of the soul is composed on the sound of its own song.

Birds sing, man too. Birds have a great place in the universe. The bird is the covenant, of a point and a noise. Bird is the model of the repetition of the notes and the melodies.

Dying in music

The simplest figure is born of three points. It is a composition that can only be divided by one.

Music calms passion, pain and seems to announce death by pure and gentle chords.

It is at the moment of death that the "birds" burst their concerts throughout the world.

The Office of the Dead is a resounding masterpiece. Just as one goes from a symbolic death to a real death, music by linking to death passes from reality to symbolism.

Man does not need to travel to enlarge; It carries within itself immensity. If in the deep forgetfulness of himself, in her immortality, in her silence, he do not re — activate her past memories, it is needless to tell that her transition between the two worlds will be sorrowful.

Once again, We are the axis. The universe has its own economy. It is a force that creates, crushes and destroys everything in an eternal recycling.

Only death is alive. The skeleton is life, death is breath. The death recalled by the tomb is a bridge between the infinity of nothingness and the finite of a real sign. The tomb is the true landmark of death. He never ceases to speak and sings.

Just as the human being is an instrument that needs to be granted, the death is the breaking of the instrument.

The accompaniment of the dead is indissolubly linked to the themes of enthusiasm, breath, universe, sun, contrasts, but also dis — satisfaction, the sensation of in — finity.

The music will awaken the soul of the dead and best satisfy his sense of immortality. It is its soundtrack more or less effective along the paths of life and death.

Imagination will enable the soul to act upon the senses. It is an exclusive passion, it is the enjoyment of devotion, united in the same feeling which has the greatness and calm.

The feeling of the in — finite is the true attribute of the soul. She invents her own life.

What is beautiful excites his hope and his desire for im — mortality and a sublime existence. The soul sings to itself whatever is beautiful or ugly or whatever its seems like .

We can better understand the place that sounds occupy in the universe. Sound is a sign of an in — visible presence from which it emanates.

Through its sounds, ( celestial) music, arouses associations of ideas and establishes an affective correspondence between souls and the here — after.

The mixture of sound and silence is one of the strongest brands in the universe.

The silence of death is profound, and when the last sound is extinguished, each without noise, seems to fear a journey on here — after. 

A bridge between two worlds ... The here — after ... On Trying to imagine clusters of souls, which move through the worlds ...

What do they look like? opération force ? Tours? Frequencies? Flux ?

— — — — Themonsterp — — —

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