The Metaphor of the angel of death

Ô angel of death, make the lord of the kingdom of the dead, Leave the passage to the soul when he is on his way to eternal sleep.

There is only one way to make a mourn: to absorb the spirit of the dead in order to enrich oneself with what it truly felt in this person.

Whether the here — after is an objective or not, accompanying the dying is a necessity that implies the presence of a loved one to guide him towards the after — life.

What is important for the dying subject is the content of his visions and the beliefs he attaches to it. It is not because a being is in late old age, sick or in a coma that he does not perceive.

Again, we are a citizen of the cosmos. Neither really here or elsewhere. Without limit, we are the whole in the whole, we are the axis in the world, we are the universe.

The anguish of death prevents us from dying. The imminent death experience is a proof of survival to physical death. In the heat of the action, a soldier may not be afraid to die and not suffer.

Faced a risk of danger, fatal accident or imminent death, faint and / or escape you into another world.

The memory of some of our dreams lets us see that the imagination can be very effective. The dream of night is an opening on a parallel world. The ancestors and deitees are present. It is for this reason that in ancient times and in certain cultures, we accompany the dead by describing their entrance and their way into the After — Life.

It’s the last thoughts that count, by themselves, they can redeem a lifetime. Death is legitimate because it opens the way to a higher condition. The death — renaissance is a necessary way to access to a new knowledge.

How beautiful ! How beautiful ! the Cat who plays, here and now has done all that. He had forgotten.

In our world, to die well is to die at your ease. Some souls do not resurrect or have a minor rebirth, because they have not been accompanied.

Death completes a moral destination. When the maximum psychic vibratory intensity of the body is reached, the soul turns to itself, abandoning the vanities, rises towards the other dimension of this world. It is the world of souls.

Any birth begins with an exile and ends with a repatriation. Souls therefore have a natural horror to their death and a love of their immortality. Leaving this world is therefore an event, a liberation, a cosmic orgasm.

The “angel” of death announces to everyone that the time has come for the soul to return to its true world. He takes hold of the spirit and drags him along his path of death. The angel of death is like your midwife. Your grave is your cradle.

The “angel” who is in charge of you will take care of you entirely.

The silent voice of the dead calls attention to the living because something subsists of the living man who died. The body is buried in the grave and all the vicious or honest habits that the soul has acquired are buried.

The dead man sees himself in the mirror of pleasures or sorrows, the roles he has played in this world. The soul sees inhuman or celestial scenes, interpreted and sustained by the body buried. The soul suffers or enjoys.

The situation of the man in the grave is a foretaste of what will be his situation during his transition and consequently his final or minor rebirth. The perception of the man who has just died is similar to the sleeper who dreams.

If the heart of the soul was wide and broad, its grave would seem spacious. If the heart was tight as a block, the grave will be a realized nightmare.

Now you know, what is death and that a vibration will take care of each one of you on the other side.

Life on earth, a concrete nightmare or a dream ? At your choice!

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