Warn’t before to become cold

The sweetness of this unspeakable peace when death approaches.

There is nothing between us and the place of the darkness but a frail and uncertain life. Perhaps we are in a terrible state of a amazing hazard.

We have to be careful to not blind ourselves. As some individuals and cultures adapt easily to change, many others, for various reasons, don’t. They give more abundant reasons for dreaming of the dawn of this glorious age.

The breath of the universe and the circuit of the sky cannot be measured. They cannot be divided into days, years or ages. If miseries end, there is an opportunity for comfort — after — wings, but immortaliry cuts the possibilities of comfort.

The dead can be abstracted from life and retain their meaning. Quite obviously we all will die. But many of us live longer than others, and the causes of death have changed during the last several decades.

If we want to change the way we die, we must first think about changing the foundations of our very complex and institutionalized lifestyle.

People are afraid of dying because they do not see — yet — clearly what they will be — after .

It seems necessary in every human society to delay the acceptance of the inevitable and at the same time to take advantage of the reality of death to seek to renew membership in the social whole.

Death has never been easy for humanity. The modern vision of death is a direct response to the current way of life.

Physicians are not agree on a simple definition of death; The religious are not agree on what death is and what it brings in its wake.

Strategies and rites are elusive. Men are tempted to conceal death and to restrain themselves before it, because they recognize death as a power before which other answers seem useless.

The dying person has become embarrassing and even a crude and frontal reality for the hospital staff.

The staff are not emotionally equiped to handle needs of dying patients when there are so many demandes of curable patients .

It is a fact that for the last few years the great majority of people have died in hospitals, while a good number spend their time of death in nursing homes.

The good or successful death for a traveler on a way is quiet, unventful. Not too many people around. It’s good to be in a place where you feel loved. Where you feel good. Where people care . A place where you have time to share your visions. where people never too busy for a smile, a word. The traveler dies at the right time. We did everything we could. We express gratitude.

The behavior of a people in the face of death is the result of their attitude of their vision of death.

Why is the handling of the death process is so distasteful ?

For some years now, the very process of death has been radically different from what it was at any other time in human history.

It has become a process marked by loneliness, lack of relevance, lack of empathy , lack of love and lack of awarness. The undertaker became a “manager”.

Who will die this year ? Don’t you see the arrows of death coming to fly over your heads?

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