‘I didn’t know it was abuse until I nearly died’

Feb 7 · 2 min read

It was only when Abi Blake was nearly killed by her abusive caover husband that she decided to break up with him and press charges. A new policing pilot in Cheshire encourages women not to leave it so late, reports .

They were introduced by friends just after Valentine’s Day in 2014. She was an operations พนันออนไลน์ manager at Manchester airport, with a son from a previous relationship, and he was a telecoms manager down south.

Just months after หนังโป๊ their first date, Abi Blake ignored the doubts of friends and family and married the man she called her “prince”. As they drove to the hotel afterwards she told him it was one of the happiest moments of her life. But the happiness didn’t last long.

Moving to live with Abi in the Cheshire หนังโป๊ village of Knutsford, Sebastian Swamy told his new wife that he wanted to help make her son’s life happier than his own had been. But from the start there were things that troubled her about her new husband. He kept telling her how to behave — “from wearing หนังโป๊ make-up, to wearing high heels, to how I looked, how I’d speak, how I’d conduct myself”, Abi says.

“He used to tell me, despite my degree, and he even used to point หนังโป๊ his finger at my head and say, ‘For someone with such intellect, you know, you’re pretty stupid.’ And I started to doubt myself and question myself, and that was just at the beginning.”

For a long time Abi tried to shrug หนังโป๊ things off, making excuses for him and focusing on the things she loved: the times he looked after her and was kind and charming, the occasions when he would take her out, buy her หนังโป๊ flowers and fix things in the house. He was หนังโป๊ handsome and she felt touched by gifts that meant so much to him, like the ring that had belonged to his grandfather in India.


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