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Ashley Hodgson, Prospect Theory: An Overview

Your PhD thesis was “Essays on the Evolution of Healthcare Technology.” In particular, you looked at 3 empirical case studies of how government policy and supply side factors can impact technological diffusion. First, you find that Medicare’s prospective payment system results in fewer innovations for elderly patients compared with non-elderly. Second, you found how new procedure codes cause “sudden jumps” in the number of procedures performed per quarter. Finally, you look at how some supply side factors like physician per capita density affects new ADHD drug geographic diffusion.

How long did it take you to write your thesis? What classes inspired your research? How did you develop your model and how did you gain the statistical skills to do your empirical work? …

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There are at least 3 major “meta” solutions with possibly positive, but also Orwellian, implications. By a meta solution, I mean a solution that solves multiple classes of problems. The more meta, the more classes of problems the solution solves.

These 3 meta solutions are an AI based to do list manager, AGI such as what Deep Mind is attempting to build, and Elon Musk’s Neuralink. These are possibly the most basic meta solutions, as each can be seen as most fundamental in some sort of sense.

The goal of Deep Mind is to solve intelligence, which will result in solving most, if not all, other problems. The line of thinking behind this is that humans are able to do more than other species as a result of our intelligence. …

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Every election season many voters vote based on only one issue. The most common issues are abortion and climate change, but we can add to this list national security, money in politics, immigration, healthcare, and gun control/second amendment rights.

This article is not an attempt to voter shame those who only vote based on one issue, but instead to steel man the single voter issue arguments, while also pointing out the contradictions in voting for only one issue.

Take abortion. Pro-life advocates argue that abortion is the killing of a human life, and since killing is illegal, abortion should be illegal. …


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