Be Your Own Pitchman

One of my favorite moments about telling people projects I’m working on is that cool moment when they give me the opening to be my own pitchman. It’s such a cool feeling of validation that my style and my voice is headed down the path that I want it to.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in casual conversations where you can test screen some of your shit. I was at my day job the other day, and we had a down moment, so some of my coworkers and I were standing around chatting. Someone asked about a project I’m working on, and I explained it as beat for beat as I could. And when I built that context for them, they started to get the jokes and dig it. I got a couple of genuine laughs. It made me feel like some of the stuff I’m writing will work. It may not all work, but at least I’m getting better.

One of the best suggestions I could give is to be that for yourself more often. I think you take for granted how great you can talk about yourself without people thinking you’re a dick. Support yourself, and be your own cheerleader, and we can all create more rad shit.

The only reason this sketch got filmed was because my friend Charles J. Dickens wrote a joke with the punchline “It was Satan,” and I loved it so much I made everyone film it.

The best part though, was when my coworkers started making suggestions for other bits and gags. I think everyone could benefit from taking that kind of mindset into making something. If you’re trying to make something, get excited about it. Get excited enough to talk to people about what you’re working on. That’s how shit gets made. People will not only listen, they’ll probably dig it. Send your shit to me if you don’t believe me. I’ll be the first guy to look at something someone created and be excited about their project.

People are interested in what you’re doing if you just let them ask.

If you want to know what the fuck I’m talking about,or if you dig my style and want to check out more of my work you can go check out our YouTube channel, or you can send me some feedback or suggestions for sketches on our Facebook page. We love shit like that.