Kharagpur Winter Of Code 2017

As a first year undergraduate, I was so excited to be a part of KWoC programme. Even though my friends was blaming PDS in their physics sem, I never felt coding as boring. I had chemistry sem in the first year but, unlike most of the students I had some experience in programming. The first scripting language that I’ve learnt was Python which was in my eighth grade. But, I never understood the strength of Python. I considered it as a toy language made for kids only because, it’s syntax was quite easy to understand. After having C++ and others in my 10+2, I became really passionate about coding.

I was too late to attend KWoC because, I never got time as I was involved in a workshop on Image Processing conducted by TRS. I took a python-pygame project _2048 which was an implementation of the classic 2048 game. I contacted the mentor and got added to the google group. Then, I started learning pygame — 2d game development using python. I forked the repository and started working on the game development. But, alas! I was quite inexperienced with github even though I was used to CVS when I was working as a GNU webmaster. After doing several commits I realised that there were other members working on the same task and most of the tasks got over. I actually forgot to merge my commits as a pull request. Enough communication was missing among the developers of our project. Then, I realised the importance of communication among us from my mentor — Pratik Tibrewal as it was necessary to the opensource community. I contacted one of the developers — Anirudh Vajjala who was working on the implementation of a tool from which the user can get a hint to play the game based on AI. He wrote the program in C++, I tried converting it to python. Later, I implemented a hint button in the game which called the function. Initially, the functions written by him was too hard for me to understand. Later, I realised that he called a DFS — Depth First Search which was taught in IP workshop. I contacted him and cleared my doubts on function calling. Later I did commit my changes and created a pull request. Later, I implemented a game over task which restarts the game when it’s over and created a pull request for that.

KWoC is a great initiative by KOSS to encourage students in programming environment with experienced mentors and make them ready for GSoC. Thanks KOSS for this effort.