Five things to help your app get approved by Facebook

  1. Join the dev groups before any development begins. Facebook’s private Facebook Developer Community group is full of people having the same problems. Learn the solutions and avoid them. As a bonus, read Facebook’s policies and guidelines so you know you’re building something they’ll have a good chance of liking.
  2. Exceed the defined requirements. If Facebook says you need to spend $250 in ads, make sure you spend more than that. A few dollars extra could save you weeks of time.
  3. Find a developer that’s done this before. If at all possible hire a developer (even if it’s on contract) to help you navigate the process of getting your app approved.
  4. Don’t rely on Facebook to do your work. Make sure your app is bug free, and that you are not building an app that supports any form of spam, before sending it to Facebook.
  5. Plan for delays. Make sure you have plenty of time in your roadmap to work through any issues that might arise during the process.