Human Problems — Losing a Food Chain

I don’t understand the functionality of human beings. From the beginning, we were trying to survive just like the rest of the animals on the planet, yet we were bipedal and could achieve more than most animals, thus allowing us to be at the top of the food chain; however, the top of the food chain regulates the rest of the food chain just as much as the bottom of the food chain regulates the top of the food chain. As humans populated the earth, the rest of the food chains should have been populated more so, but this is not the case. There are some species that were able to grow, but as mankind expanded, other species diminished and some even coming to a complete extinction. Since this is being true, and that the bottom of the food chain regulating the top of the food chain also being true, then why is mankind still growing?

Well, there are different reasons why, but the main reason why is because mankind has expanded its overall food chain. Instead of most food chains only having one to three things below the head, the human food chain has many many more chains connecting to the head and also the head connects back onto itself. Therefore if one chain were to diminish, then mankind would move onto a different chain to make sure that the on chain replenished back to normal. For example, let’s say that our main source of food was fish, which it is in certain countries. If we overfished the seas and oceans then there would be a shortage of fish. Therefore humans would switch over to eating plants or other animals in order to make sure that fish don’t become extinct. If all the chains aren’t able to be chosen by humans, then humans will choose to eat other humans. For example, if a plane full of people were to crash land on an empty island with no food sources, the survivors would eventually devolve down into a primitive state of survival and eat other humans in order to survive.

With a reduced population of humans, then overfishing and over expanding would stop and there would be an increase in the wildlife that we eat; however, there wouldn’t come a time that humankind would diminish other than by natural catastrophe (including plague) or war. If there were ways to prove to the skeptical portions of mankind that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are good for the future status of humans then maybe we could stop overfishing and over expanding because we could modify the DNA of plants and approved animals to supplement the amount of food that we need without being toxic to humans. There are answers out there to solve a crisis of losing a part of the food chain, but to think that humans are incapable of approving of such change is appalling.

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