3 Tried And True Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement

These days, it seems we’re all chasing more Instagram followers and faster food delivery. I can’t help you crack the code on the latter, but I’ve got some friendly suggestions for taking your Instagram game to the next level.

Your morning latte deserves all the Instagram likes.

Most people will resort to some pretty offbeat tactics to get them. They’ll pay for them, use robots, and even create fake accounts to boost their follower numbers.

In the name of expectation management, don’t hold out for a miracle. If you’re patient -and if you keep your content enjoyable and authentic — you’ll definitely see an increase.


I know, you already knew this one. There are the super popular, super generic tags like #instagramhub, #picoftheday and #igers that will give you an initial bump but won’t work for you much in the long term because they’re so popular and your post will quickly get pushed down in the feed.

My recommendation: pick a few popular hashtags, then click on them in your Instagram app on your phone. It will display related hashtags that should give you additional, relevant ideas.

Have your hashtags picked out before you post. Sound like a bit more work than you’re used to? Well, it is! But you want your post to be exposed to the maximum number of people as quickly as possible after posting.

These are also two great guides to niche hashtags:


This will work with any number of people but Instagram caps group chats at 15. Set up a group chat on Instagram. Every time someone posts a photo, the other members like and comment on the post to bump it to the top of that user’s followers’ feed. Make sure each comment contains more than four words, not counting emojis.

This has really helped me. Since joining an Instagram pod, I’ve:

  • Increased my number of followers
  • Tripled my Instagram likes
  • Achieved becoming a top post for a hashtag

If your photo makes it to top post status, you can high-five yourself without judgment. It will boost your visibility and increase your ability to attract organic followers.

I really really really recommend this.


You get what you give, in life and on Instagram.

Savvy? Comment and engage with your current followers. Tell them their dogs are cute and their latte art is cool.

Shout-out to these two fabulous resources:

Happy gramming!

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