The First Post – What Is The Mummy Diaries?

I am a brand spanking new first time MUM! Ooooo it feels strange referring to myself as Mum! Normally I’m the only one calling out Mum but now someone is going to be calling ME mum! This is all a very scary, very emotional and very exiting roller coaster!

I am not a writer, I do not really know what I am doing here but this is for all the new mummy’s out there who need to know they are not alone and maybe just need to have a laugh at someone else’s struggles for once :D!

Some of the things that you will go through as a new mum have you sitting there like ‘Woah REALLY!?’ And all you want is someone to tell you ‘oh that’s normal’ ‘that happened to me’ ‘don’t worry about it!’

I’ll take it right back to the beginning of when we found out the big news! I kept a diary the whole way through so never fear! Some of your questions may get answered!

Let’s share a little info about me! Not too much though!

  • First time Mum!
  • In my 20's
  • Mumma to a gorgeous little boy
  • He is 9 weeks old
  • Fabulous pregnancy, HORRIFIC labour!
  • 2 miscarriages before my miracle :(
  • Girlfriend of an amazing man! (Still waiting for that ring!!!!)
  • You’ll find out the rest as we go on!


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