Yes, I still use Evernote. Because it’s still the best way to get s**t done.
Jon Westenberg


This is great Jon. Question: you mention brand loyalty, which I’m pretty keen on, however I’ve had some issues in the past that have made me question my loyalty to some tools and platforms. I’ve done the switch from Apple to Android (and back again). I’ve dabbled with moving away from OS or Windows to something more open source (and back again). But in almost every case I have come back to the tools, hardware and platforms that work. I’ll pay for those tools. And I’ll pay a premium if it makes me better at my job. Enter Evernote. I love(d) Evernote. I still like it a lot. But the romance has fizzled. Apple Notes seems to be just as effective, and it’s free. As noted (see what I did there?), I’m totally willing and eager to pay for tools that work, that make my job easier, but in this case I couldn’t find a compelling reason to stick with it. Can you speak to how you find Evernote better/more effective than Apple Notes? Inquiring minds want to know!