The Q2 2017 Report from MuseFind

The latest report from our progress this past quarter (and it’s a good one).

116% Revenue growth in Q2 YTD 2017 vs Q2 YTD 2016

We attribute this metric of success with the repeatable sales cycle, marketing, thought leadership and a dedicated team of MuseFinders always looking out for the best interests of our clients. We’ve hit $170K in revenue YTD and this is how we’re feeling about it:

23% Revenue growth in Q2 2017 vs Q1 YTD 2017

We’ve experienced an incredible growth in new and repeat customers over this last quarter compared to Q1 2017. We’ve been strong in our verticals of women’s apparel/fashion, baby brands and some service based brands like nationwide insurance company, BCAA.

Moving Towards Being Completely Self Serve — Technology Update

The development team, Team Heartbreakers celebrating our newest release at MuseFind HQ.

Automated, Intelligent Completely Self-Serve Matching of Influencers with Brands

MuseFind is making leaps towards intelligent, content based matching between influencers and brands. We are using categories and themes to match: gone are the days of looking up influencers by hashtags, keywords or location. Our data scientist and development team has worked hard with our product and operations team towards using NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning into painting accurate matches between brands and influencers. The business impact is higher ROI for the brands during these influencer marketing campaigns and a strong solution for customer acquisition and retention.

Influencers and Brands are Repeating Business with MuseFind

We’ve seen a 63% YTD Q2 2017 increase of posts by influencers x brands collaborations this quarter compared to YTD Q2 2016.

Leadership in SaaS and Speaking

We’re a startup that prides itself in diversity, as a founding team lead by a woman who represents the small number of female founders in SaaS, we’re excited to be on this panel. We are speaking alongside some of the greats of Canadian SaaS including: Bruce Croxon [Round 13 Capital, Dragons Den], Harley Finkelstein [COO @Shopify], Damien Steel [Managing Partner, @Omers Capital].

Audiences Love Our Sponsored Influencer Posts

MuseFind sees an average of 5.1% engagement rate on all influencer sponsored posts compared to the industry average that varies between 1–4%. We attribute this to the amazing influencers on the platform and the quality of content produced.

1200 Influencers Joined MuseFind in Q2 2017 vs 700 in Q1 2017

We’re seeing our credibility and growth in the industry, with interviews with influencers like this one, we’re quickly growing and supporting a core part of the community.

The MuseFinders That Make MuseFind.

MuseFinders successfully accomplishing our first fire drill at our new office.
Bringing bootcamp into the game for team building, MuseFind style.
We did our mega move from Gastown into Coal Harbour, so much to explore in this new neighbourhood.
MuseFind supporting Spring at an appreciation night. Check out those #views.