Why you should ‘locate’ yourself on Instagram

Instagram’s geotagging feature has become very popular among many users, and despite the privacy concerns upon its introduction, location tagging has become an amazing way for both brands and users to gain exposure and market themselves.

This feature has in some ways become an alternative to TripAdvisor, Yelp and Foursquare. Instagram has recently added an option of searching photos based on location — which has made geotagging even more useful and effective. You can now look at pictures of hotels, restaurants, or in fact other cities and countries just by typing the location in the search bar.

When deciding where to go for dinner you can look up a restaurant on Instagram and view an endless gallery of photos from different users. Knowing how many foodies there are on the platform, these photos are usually of great quality, and you could probably find a photo of every single dish on the menu this way. Needless to say, this also benefits the restaurants and gets them new clients.

So obviously the geotagging feature creates a lot of awareness about different locations, whether its a cafe, park, museum or a company HQ. Yes — company HQ!

Geotagging is definitely something that companies that use Instagram need to take advantage of. Tagging photos that were taken at your office creates a great gallery of your location and makes you more relatable to other Instagram users. Its always engaging for people to see what happens behind the scenes of a company that they like or want to learn more about.

Some companies, like TechCrunch are already doing a great job at posting photos from their HQ. Both the official page as well as the employees upload photos of their office life, giving us a glimpse into TechCrunch — and the company culture seems awesome!

Even if you do not have a physical location as a brand or don’t want to share photos of your office, you can always ‘check-in’ when having promotions at different locations, or participating in events or expos — geotagging your photos adds them to the location gallery and increases the chances of someone stumbling upon your account. Here’s an example of how Tommy Hilfiger’s photos took over the Bryant Park location on the day of the brand’s campaign with Rafael Nadal.

Geotagging is of course very helpful for all other users too — its a great addition to the hashtags to help your photos get exposure. Instagram encourages users to view different locations by having a ‘Trending Places’ section which helps you discover places that are popular nearby. Instagram really did a great job at making this feature a great and easy way to view content, and we think its only going to get more popular and appreciated.

P.S. We do not support sharing locations of private households — please don’t do that!

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