Last week I was downtown and saw children waiting in line to have their pictures taken on Santa’s lap. That made me realize just how different my own experience with Santa was.

In Switzerland, Santa arrives on December 6th, St. Nicolas Day. He doesn’t fly in from the North Pole, pulled by magical reindeer. He walks in from the Black Forest with an old donkey and his helper Schmutzli.

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Last month I worked on a project that I called March of Trash. The idea was to see if I could make an impact on my neighborhood and clean it up by picking up trash on my daily doggie walks. Each day after picking up the trash, I laid it out in a square and posted a photo to Facebook. To my pleasant surprise, I managed to completely clean up the three blocks around my house and over the span of one month, people felt less compelled to litter…

Check out my daily Plastic Society photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Every time I walk my dog I get a little frustrated about all the trash in the streets of my neighborhood. Part of me wants to pick it up but then I think: “Why would I pick up other people’s trash, after all, I didn’t put it there in the first place.” And then I continue my walk and my slight agitation stays with me. Over the last two weeks a couple of events happened that made me reconsider my attitude.


My friend Jonathan had a birthday in February…

Growing up in Switzerland meant eating a lot of Muesli for breakfast. Unlike the granola inspired cereal that can be purchased in grocery stores, the original Bircher Muesli is the creation of Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss doctor and nutritionist, who developed the delicious breakfast for patients at his Zurich sanatorium at the turn of the last century as a way for people to enjoy the health effects of raw foods.

The recipe is simple, it’s just rolled oats, soaked in milk over night with grated apples, fresh fruit, berries and nuts. …

Nadja Haldimann

D E S I G N E R . D R E A M E R . C R E A T I R X .

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