All of the latest NAGA Updates & Announcements

A recent live YouTube Q&A with NAGA founder and Executive Director, Benjamin Bilski, was filled with exciting announcements and feedback on some of the big developments that have been happening at NAGA over the last few weeks. Here we’ll break down some of the biggest talking points.

The biggest announcement was undoubtedly the news that the NAGA CARD is now almost ready to be shipped. After the great success of the sign-up that was carried out a few months ago, the actual delivery of the card was held up due to technical issues with MasterCard. These issues have now been resolved and the NAGA CARD will start shipping in the next 6–8 weeks.

New Countries

NAGA TRADER has been a great success since its inception and this has come despite the fact that many people could not have access due to country specific regulations. Fortunately, this is about to change for over 180 new countries which will now be able to access NAGA TRADER. The big beneficiary of this change will be those countries based in the Asia.

Ripple (XRP) added to NAGA WALLET

Ripple fans will be very pleased to hear that this “Top 5 Crypto” has been added to the NAGA WALLET.

An exciting new addition to the NAGA Ecosystem is going to be the NAGA EXCHANGE. Ben stated that the development of this is well ahead of schedule and that more a more concrete announcement on this will coming in his next Q&A.


The NAGA Group was proud to recently announce partnerships with both MyBucks and Ontology. Ben discussed how important these partnerships were and how both would lead to significant benefits for all parties once the integrations really get up and running.


The NAGA TRADER team has been working on big updates for both the Android and iOs versions of the app. A lot of additional features and improvements have been made to the platform with this update, with the key overall focus being on making the trading experience smoother and simpler for all users.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on any new updates and announcements, head over to the NAGA TRADER site today and sign up for your very own NAGA account.

As you can see from the breakdown above, a lot has been going on in the NAGA Universe in the last few weeks. Things show no sign of slowing down and it will surely only be another week or two before there are other exciting new announcements.

The future is yours! The future is NAGA!