NAGA Debit Card Pre-Registration Is Open!

NAGA announces start of pre-registration of the NAGA Debit Card.

Almost six months ahead of the schedule, NAGA opens the pre-registration for the NAGA Debit Card with an initial run of 10,000 cards. This exciting development sees the NAGA Debit Card become the first fully-functioning, crypto-friendly debit card on the market.

NAGA Debit Card holders will be able to use the card all over the world, wherever MasterCard is accepted. Funding of the card is simple and can be done with all of the traditional methods. The great advantage of the NAGA Debit Card, however, is that you can also fund with cryptocurrencies, including the NAGA Coin.

As part of the ongoing push to grow the NAGA Ecosystem, the NAGA Debit Card will soon become fully integrated into all of NAGA’s platforms. Users of NAGA TRADER (formerly SwipeStox), the company’s social trading platform, will be able to transfer their stock market profits directly to the NAGA Debit Card and spend their winnings on “real-world” purchases. Users of Switex, the company’s soon to be launched gaming platform, will similarly be able to transfer their in-game profits into cash that can be spent off-line and online, all over the world.

Further information on the NAGA Debit Card can be found on the NAGA Coin website.