The NAGA Utility Token Model

Utility tokens represent access to a company’s products or services. The major characteristic of utility tokens is that they can be considered as more than just an investment; by creating a utility token, a company sells a token which can rise in value, but that will also grant its holders access to the services it is developing.

In this context, we should take a closer look at the NAGA Coin. As opposed to other companies who bring out utility tokens for products or services that may hypothetically exist in the future, the NAGA Coin was brought out to exist in an already functioning, revenue generating ecosystem. So whereas other companies want you to buy tokens that may one day be worth something on a product or service that might exist sometime in the future, the NAGA Coin is a true utility token as it fits seamlessly into an existing model.

The NAGA Token — a powerful utility token model

The NAGA Coin is at the core of the NAGA crypto ecosystem, it is the fuel that drives the whole project. As a NAGA Coin holder, you have the opportunity to benefit from substantial advantages by accessing cutting edge innovative technologies. Your NAGA account is way more than just a wallet or a place of storage for your Coin, your NAGA account is your gateway to a world of possibilities.

With NAGA TRADER investing in the financial markets with fiat and crypto-currencies was never this easy and intuitive before. NAGA Coin users on NAGA TRADER will benefit from special conditions and reduced fees, giving you even more opportunities to take on the markets and win.

With Switex, you can activate your time and efforts spent playing games and turn it into real-world capital via the NAGA Wallet, or simply exchanges a virtual in-game item with that of another user.

With the NAGA Academy, you will be able to attend online and offline educational seminars in order to stay up to date with the latest technology trends. We believe that education is the key to your success; we offer you endless possibilities to develop your technical skills.

The NAGA Card will also serve to fill a huge hole in the current crypto sphere as it will be the first fully-functioning crypto-friendly card.

A unifier for all of these services will be the NAGA Wallet, a cutting-edge user friendly multi-currency wallet connected to NAGA TRADER, Switex and all future NAGA projects. The NAGA Wallet will facilitate the storage of all major cryptocurrencies, the easy management of crypto portfolios, the simple transfers of funds between peers, and a multitude of unique features.

As you can see, a big driver in NAGA’s utility token model is the large panoply of services users will be able to access.

Here is a quick breakdown of just some of the real-world products and services that the NAGA utility token can be used on in the current, or very soon to be implemented, NAGA Ecosystem:

- You can invest on the stock market using NGC

- Withdraw your cryptos or trading profits from any MasterCard ATM via the NAGA CARD: a fully operational crypto friendly card.

- Trade forex and derivatives: you don’t need to be a serious investor to enjoy the benefits of the NGC. NAGA gives the opportunity for day traders to access more than 700 instruments and trade in the best conditions and an advanced award-winning trading platform.

- Book your trips, concert tickets, or anything else using NGC with your NAGA CARD

- Monetize your passion for gaming on Switex

- Buy/sell virtual items : Switex gives you access to a whole new world of investment opportunities,

- Attend courses on financial trading, FinTech technologies, cryptocurrencies and virtual goods at the NAGA Academy

- Store your Cryptocurrencies in a secure multi-currency wallet

As you can see, the NAGA Coin is a true utility token as it provides its holders with the opportunity to use their NGC (with special discounts and benefits!) in all segments of the ever-growing NAGA Ecosystem.

With great strides already having been made on the NGC Road Map in 2018, it is now when we are starting to see the NAGA Coin truly come into its own as a utility token for all of its loyal holders.