5 Useful Twitter Handles Every Academic Should Befriend

Credit: PhD Comics @jorgecham

In this piece, I highlighted 5 Twitter handles that I consider useful and reference points for aspiring academics to follow. Among these handles, you will find some that are personal, while others are official handles of organisations or academic institutions. I also attempt to highlight reasons associated for featuring the Twitter account in this short piece.

Write That PhD:: Is an account run by Dr Mel and Researcher Development Programme office of the University of Canberra, Australia. The twitter account offers academic writing advice and how to get published. What makes this Twitter handle stands out is its magnanimity in providing downloadable links of useful resources in almost all its tweets. With Write That PhD, most academics and PhD students would no longer need to buy books or pay subscription for some journal articles.

Publishing Campus: Is a Twitter account operated by Elsevier dedicated to offering free professional advice related to writing journal articles, conducting peer review, writing successful grant application among other things. The Twitter account is also useful for academics interested in submitting book proposal and understanding data management. Besides, the Twitter account is fond of tweeting links to free guides and cheat sheets which can be found here.

LSE Impact Blog: Is one of the most cited Blogs among academics and researchers cutting across social sciences disciplines. The Twitter account mostly shares links from the content of its main blog. Researchers, Academics and PhD students will find the twitter handles very useful because of its unique style of providing variety of topical contents related to social science domains.

Pat Thomson: This Twitter handle tweets from Patter blog which is owned and maintained by Pat Thomson — a Professor of Education at the University of Nottingham, UK. Pat writes on a range of academic issues that relates to knots and bolts of PhD Journey, academic writing, conferences among others. Pat blog serves both researchers, academics and PhD students with useful writing and career advice.

Dr Raul Pacheco- Vega: Is also another personal Twitter account of Prof Raul. Raul is one of the most active and prolific academics on Twitter who is open to responding to queries associated with research. Raul’s Twitter timeline is a valuable reference point for scholars and PhD students interested in staying up to date.

PhD Comics: Is a stress reliever that academics and PhD students will find useful when afflicted with writer’s block syndrome.

Do you have any Twitter account that you feel is supposed to make this list? Feel free to share with us.

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