The Naked Writer

He wrote with his cloths off. That’s why the name Naked Writer. “It gives me great ideas” he says. He writes about things he likes and the things he doesn’t, stuff he knows and stuff he doesn’t. Always thinking what could have been in already occurred incidents and trying to find a diversion. Imaginary path of could have taken actions, resulting in unimaginable conclusions. He always takes two steps and thinks about four, or may be a slightly different version of one, or entirely different version of two.

“Why do I write?” the Naked Writer wondered. “Because I can” he thought, “I can do it even when I am naked”. There are really very few things that you can do naked, and share it with the people. Cooking could be one of those things, and maybe that’s why I like cooking also. Because when you do it, it’s just you and your imaginative soul, trying to be creative without fear of judgement.

Being naked can be the best cover you can get for your writing, or cooking or anything else that you can do naked. It changes the perspective of a reader in a very unique way. It is always in back of her mind when she is reading a story written by the Naked Writer, that how can you think of these things when you are naked. Then she tries to put herself in the shoes of the Naked Writer and imagines the very same situation. And now she is in her own little world exploring experience of that situation and a few more.

The Naked Writer is alone too when he is naked and writing. An Alone Naked Writer. Being alone and lonely are two different things, but Naked Writer can’t find the difference. Maybe because he is writing naked frequently? But it doesn’t seem to bother him. He is not sad. Just curious. Are you more curious than in general when you are naked?

Naked Writer doesn’t know how to end things, his starts are also not that great. He is all about the flow in between. Much like his life.