Name of the Week — Rishab Jain

This week we chose an almost-superhero as the most important Name. It is 13-year-old genius Rishab Jain, who invented the AI-based tool, PCDLS Net that is devoted to improving radiotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer.

The survival rate for this disease is extremely low, so Rishab decided to undertake a huge amount of research and try to help. This young boy, who loves both medicine and engineering, hasn’t even started high school yet but has already developed a project capable of saving lives. How does the PCDLS Net work?

In a few words, it simplifies the process of pancreas tracking during radiotherapy. The problem is that the pancreas is hidden in the human body, so doctors usually have trouble reaching the organ for biopsies, surgeries, and radiotherapy. During treatment, they use a seven-millimeter overlay of radiation around the pancreas, which can damage millions of healthy cells all because they simply can’t see where exactly the organ is. So, Rishab Jain’s tool allows doctors to find it instantly, reducing the impact area.

The 2018 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge awarded Jain with $25,000 for project development. Rishab already has a plan to promote and globalize PCDLS Net and hopes to improve the survival rate.