How a virus on a cruise ship affects everything.

My aunt and uncle are currently on the Coral Princess cruise ship. It’s been a wild ride as I’ve been in contact with them throughout this time. First, they were supposed to disembark in Argentina, but due to a missed flight, they were stuck. After trying to disembark in Uruguay — even to the point where I bought them both flights to come back — they weren’t allowed to. So, now they’ve been on a cruise ship since March 5th with no means of coming back to the United States. We figured that they would arrive this Sunday, but now… Who knows?

I’ve seen accounts of other families who are on the same cruise ship, in the same situation. My family doesn’t know when they’ll come back. Everyone is freaking out. My aunt and uncle on the ship aren’t doing the best mental health-wise. My grandmother doesn’t know this is happening; we’ve been telling her that they extended their trip. If we told her, it would cause more upheaval. It’s exhausting. It’s scary. And we don’t know what will happen now.

We don’t know how to handle it. How do you handle something like this? Someone that you love and care for is stuck on a cruise ship that has been profiled by the news? People saying that they shouldn’t disembark because they have a chance of being affected by the virus?

I understand why people don’t want the virus to spread. I don’t either. Nobody knows at this point if it’s even the coronavirus. (Fingers crossed that it’s not.) But I also wouldn’t want to be stuck on a cruise ship for about a month with no timeline for returning home. I wouldn’t want to be in a potentially dystopian situation with no clear guidelines of protocol and direction. I don’t even know how to feel; I just want my family to come home.

My only hope is that we know something by Saturday. I hope that my family can at least disembark on land and stay in quarantine somewhere. I hope that they don’t already have the virus that may be the coronavirus. It’s heartbreaking and saddening. And I can only hope that we find some way to mitigate the impact of this.

For more information on the Coral Princess cruise ship situation:



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