‘Hillary, you have my vote, not my mandate’ says Change.org petition.

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So, unlike Vladimir Putin, I don’t have a personal invitation from Donald Trump to stick my oar in to the upcoming US election. But then as I am not planning on breaking any laws, US or otherwise, I figure I don’t need one.

What I, and much of the rest of the planet, do have is a significant vested interest in not seeing @TheRealDonald sworn in next January. As players from Michael Bloomberg to Meg Whitman come out and declare their intention to vote for Clinton, you’d think that battle was almost won. But far from it. If we are to make sure that Trump doesn’t end up in the Whitehouse it is not enough for voters in swing states to merely abstain, we need them to vote for Hillary.

The problem we face is how do we make it palatable to vote for a candidate they so many find so unpalatable? It is not enough to make the rational, intellectual, case for this course of action because, at heart, we are creatures driven by emotion rather than reason, and the thought of the smug look on Hillary’s face as she steps up to make her victory speech is enough to keep many, perhaps millions, from putting their ‘X’ where it needs to be.

But there is now a petition you can sign that will let Hillary know, loud and clear, that whilst she has your vote, she doesn’t have your mandate. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology it will be possible to tell how many of the signers are actually in the US and how many are elsewhere. That way we, and more importantly Hillary, will know just how many Americans have held their nose and done the ‘hard thing’ to save America from Trump.

One might be accused of being overly optimistic but maybe, if enough people sign the petition, the political establishment will become sufficiently self aware and realize that it is they, through their neglect of the needs of ordinary citizens, that has created the environment that has made it possible for Trump to win the Republican primary.

And maybe, just maybe, this will provide the catalyst required to begin the process of moving back to government for the people by the people, rather than government for the corporation by the corporation. Okay, so it’s a stretch, but that is what is required if we are to restore the faith of the electorate in a political process that has been increasingly eroded by ever more brazen collusion between government and business.

This is not something that the Wall Street/Washington establishment can do on their own; let’s face it, they have as much desire for reform as your average republican voter does for voting for Hillary, but they need to realize that biting the bullet now might just be the last opportunity they have to stop the whole damn mess imploding. Which brings us back to Putin, and the outcome that he’d most like to see.