Another prodigal Dentonian…

I’ve let this news trickle, but it’s time to make it official: Noodles and I will be moving back to Denton in July!

In 2013, I made some big life choices that led me to Houston. It was an exciting leap into something new and promising. But, things change. And that’s okay. Through it, I learned that Houston is a great city that is full of culture, food, and kind folks. I learned that I enjoy teaching kiddos. And the humidity and heat? I really enjoy that, too!

But the heart wants what it wants. And it wants to be back in the cozy, small town of Denton, Texas. I have been looking forward to walking Noodles on the Square again as she barks at babies and befriends strangers. I can’t wait to walk from my apartment to my favorite bars to watch some of my favorite musicians on any given night. I’m excited to reconnect with old pals, make new ones, and jump in on the creative train that drives Denton.

To my Houston pals, thank you. Whether you knew it or not, you helped me through a pretty tough time, and you helped me become a better person and a pretty good teacher. You are a big reason why I stayed in this city for as long as I did. To my Denton & DFW pals, thank you for having your arms open for the past three years. I’m finally coming back home.

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