The Nemots Announces Partnership with Rubic — to improve usability and gaming experience

The Nemots Announces Partnership with Rubic

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Rubic as a strategic partner to enrich the gaming experience for players of The Nemots TCG.

What is Rubic?

Rubic is a Multi-Chain Swaps Protocol which enables you to swap over 15000+ assets, on and between 12 blockchains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Solana.

The Protocol features 60+ DEXs, fiat on-ramps and bridges.

The Nemots partners with Rubic to improve usability for players of The Nemots TCG

Rubic is one of the leading Cross-Chain Swaps Aggregators, bringing a unique multi-chain and on-chain swaps experience. Rubic will deeply influence the benefits in our gaming ecosystem and also in consulting and developing functions to support The Nemots TCG’s future direction.

The Nemots CEO Jasper van Ravenwaaij said in response to this new partnership:

Part of our mission is providing an intuitive design that benefits traditional and next generation gamers alike. Our partnership with Rubic will offer new capabilities which further enhance the gaming experience and remove friction from the journey; making it easy for gamers to swap between currencies and fiat without any hassle. We’re look forward to working with Rubic and their team.”

In addition, we also believe that this cross-promotion and cross-collaboration between the two companies will bring more benefits to both communities.

Sven Michael, CBDO at Rubic said:

“The future of Web3 in general and crypto games specifically is interoperable. With Rubics tools The Nemots stays ahead of the pack and gains cross-chain operability in a groundbreaking way. We are thrilled to provide Nemots with our unique solution which allows swapping 15,000+ tokens on and across 13 blockchains with the highest transaction speed, lowest fees and best rates in the market to make it easy accessible for every gamer out there.”

You can explore more regarding Rubic here.

Further announcements will be made in due course including exciting new partnerships that will contribute to our exciting future.

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The Nemots TCG is an online, single and multiplayer trading card game (TCG) built on the blockchain where players battle NFTs called Nemots for rewards.