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As the pandemic brings our plates and pantries to the forefront of a global discussion, technology is shaping more of what and how we eat. In the first half of the year, food tech companies raised over $8bn. After a year of operating in beta, HNGRY is launching a premium subscription media service for food and technology insiders called HNGRY Trends.

For $200/yr or $20/mo, subscribers will gain access to a platform of weekly deep dives, digests, and bi-monthly reports into trends like ghost kitchens, grocery delivery, personalized nutrition, alternative proteins and much more. …

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Startups and restaurant groups are leveraging underutilized kitchens to deploy celebrity-branded delivery concepts in thousands of cities across the US, offering a new revenue stream to large and small restaurants alike. (Source: Earl Enterprises)

What do Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, Pauly D, Steve Aoki, and Travis Barker have in common? They’re all part of the inaugural class of celebrity-themed virtual restaurant brands deployed in ghost kitchens and existing brick-and-mortar restaurants seeking a new lifeline. According to Second Measure, as food delivery grew 158% YoY in August, tech startups and celebrities have formed new partnerships to design turn-key dishes to sell through brick and mortar restaurants in need of an extra boost. …

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Zuul Kitchens is unveiling its direct Market ordering platform that enables NYC residents and workers to order from 100+ dishes across six concepts for free.

All photography courtesy of Zuul

“Delivery as it exists today is a $26bn market that everyone hates,” says Corey Manicone, co-founder and CEO of Zuul Kitchens, NYC’s first ghost kitchen operator. “It’s one person delivering food from one restaurant to one location. It’s tough to find a winner in that equation.” Zuul is optimizing that by delivering multiple orders from multiple restaurants to one location using a single courier. “Having multiple brands under one roof allows us to change the game,” he adds.

The startup has been heads down on solving the challenge of boosting average order values for its local restaurant tenants Stone Bridge Pizza, Naya, Junzi, and Sarge’s Deli. Last year, it launched its first 5,000 sqft facility in the heart of Soho with five restaurants and a meal kit operator. Over the last six months, it has been beta testing its own multi-concept direct ordering and delivery platform that has partnered with local office and residential buildings in Manhattan to batch delivery orders on a limited schedule, drastically reducing the cost of its deliveries. An average delivery within Zuul’s core downtown NYC radius costs about $5, but can now be split across up to as many as seven orders, bringing the average delivery cost per order to less than a dollar.


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