Stepping out of my car, a tingling sensation quickly crept up in the back of my throat as I took my first breath of the salty sea breeze. It was only a matter of seconds before I released a powerful cough from the deepest part of my chest. Shocked at the instantaneous onset of symptoms, but determined to witness my state’s most valued treasure, I began the short walk down to the Juno Beach Pier, cautiously breathing every step of the way.

Typically an overly-bustling access point for residents and tourists alike, a completely barren boardwalk was waiting, offering nothing…

A land unknown to most men, that is where I desire to be. The last row of spruce trees would alas reveal a vast open plain, showcasing rows of wavering lavender and amber wildflowers. A meager wooden cabin would await my arrival, boasting nothing but a tethered tin roof and a rust-colored brick fireplace, coated in the purest white jasmine. …

Where the wind blows,

Blows furiously through

And then in the mornings,

Mornings smell of honey and dew.

The back wooded space,

Both vast and grand,

It changes upon nightfall,

Alexandra Newman 🌮

A creative analyst fueld by tacos. Driven by the unknown, unexplained + unattended to. Welcome to my feelings and research, friends! @alexandranewms

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