You Are Helping Google AI Image Recognition

Dennis Goedegebuure
2 min readNov 29, 2016

With a simple Captcha question, Google is training it’s Artificial Intelligence engine. Through the help of hundreds of Captchas, the people taking the Captcha test will validate if an image is showing a certain scene.

Check out the image below of a Captcha I got this morning. I simply needed to select all images with a statue.

Unknowingly you could be used as a reverse check in a BLEU (bilingual evaluation understudy), in which the computer generated text needs to be verified by human editors.

Back in 2014, Google Research published the ability to recognize what’s in an image and describe this in a short sentence.

Very smart to use this in a Captcha question instead of hiring an army of human image raters.

Here is one more Captcha I got today…select the images with a store front:

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