Well, well, well… it is Cydia once again.
We’ve already mentioned it among the 3rd party app stores, but it’s not just a store… It’s the whole technology. And today we’ll talk about package managers in general and how to get ’em all.

The purpose

Cydia provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to jailbroken devices using Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) repositories aka “REPOs” to download & install applications unavailable on the official store.
Cydia is based on APT, a free software user interface that works with core libraries to handle the installation and removal of software on Debian, Ubuntu, etc. Yes, it was…

We hope we’re not the ones who inspired you to jailbreak your gadget, but if you did it after reading our blog… Enjoy it! And if you would like to get the latest iOS version or if you’re just tired of having that fancy interface and want to stick with the basics, please read this till the end.

This guide will not only allow you to completely get rid of the jailbreak and bring back the fresh-out-of-the-box state to iOS (or iPadOS), but you’ll also learn how to save all of your data.

So, after reading this step by step…

The risks of Jailbreaking and why you should do it

Since Apple is not in charge of Jailbreak development and everything around JB is created by iOS enthusiasts, there’s always a big chance that something might go wrong with the software, hardware, or both sides at the same time. It’s unlikely that you know what every piece of software actually does to your device, especially since there are so many different solutions & tools. So, if you ever want to JB your device, please keep an eye out for potential issues, and only use well-known trustworthy jailbreak apps. …

To jailbreak or not to jailbreak? That’s not just the question. Jokes aside, it is a super valid question.


It is currently the best of times for the jailbreak community because the most hyped jailbreak tools — checkra1n and unc0ver — now support all of the latest iOS/iPadOS firmware updates. And even the beta versions!

So, if you are new to the JB scene, have used JB in the past and missed all the updates, or if you’re still thinking whether or not to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad, please don’t do so until you read this article.

In this post, we will discuss at least 5 reasons why jailbreaking might still be a good idea in 2020. …

That’s how people think retrogaming looks like, but we’re here for something different

Recently, we pretty much talked about all the JB-free ways of installing applications without AppStore. And since you’re getting to know how it works, let’s discuss the nice things you can enjoy on your device with these tricks.

If you begin feeling slightly euphoric when you hear things like — “Gameboy Advance”, “Nintendo DS”, maybe “Nintendo 64” or even “Entertainment System”, then please do not stop reading this. It can become a life-changing experience (jk!)

So… let’s talk about retrogaming emulation, which involves older gaming systems being emulated on your iOS phone/tablet.

What’s needed

A capable iOS device — any device with…

In our previous article, we talked about general sideloading and different ways of getting the apps you want on your iPhone. But, as some of you might already know, the problem is not with the devices, it’s all about the “policies”.


Every month, about 100,000 apps are submitted to AppStore. Only 70% of them pass the severe regulations that in some cases ruin the whole point of creating an application. So, more than 30,000 amazing (and not so amazing) apps are stuck in the middle of nowhere and half of them will never be published.

The official AppStore is packed…

It’s 2020 and almost everyone who uses Android knows how to get 3rd party apps onto their device in no time. But how many people know that it’s almost the same level of difficulty (spoiler: not difficult at all) on iOS? And it is even possible without jailbreak.

Fun fact: One out of every ten iPhones across the world has at least 1 sideloaded app on it.

Haven’t tried it yet? Don’t waste your time any longer!

Get some coffee, tea, popcorn, or whatever you’d like, and join us as we take an in-depth journey into the process of Sideloading…

Our customer support team has prepared a short summary on «Sideloading» including some fun «must-know» facts, so even if you’re in the know make sure you’re not missing anything.

Well, this term is tossed around a lot in iOS circles. And if you are a person who likes tinkering with apps, you may probably know what this thing is about.

But if you don’t, it’s all right.
Of course, Google gives some results, but the info is a bit messed up, so we decided to put together all the facts in this article.

Sideloading is frequently used when talking about…

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