“School districts must protect transgender students.”

24.02.2017 // “A conversation about our divides.”

In the newest episode of Pod Save America, they discuss the news that the US Department of Justice (now under Jeff Sessions) rescinded a federal policy that stated “school districts must protect transgender students”. This was a federal policy that was created under the Obama administration. I was surprised to hear that Betsy DeVos initially opposed the policy, though it was pushed through either way.

Look. Personally, I don’t think that the place for opposition to transgender rights belongs in the classroom, regardless on what side you sit on. It should be a given that we protect the rights and safety of students in our education systems.

Gavin Grimm is a student near the center of this debate. His case against his school in Gloucester, Virginia has culminated in a Supreme Court Case. You can find an interview with him in response to this policy move here.

Time Magazine did a piece on transgender perspectives of a Trump administration in February of this year. Based on rhetoric and statements made by Trump in the past, it’s no wonder that the transgender community and other LGBTQ+ groups feel vulnerable under his presidency. Read more here.

CNN did a great comprehensive article on this policy announcement. Access


Fox News (to read from another perspective)