The Nib
The Nib
Apr 8 · Unlisted


Of Orcas and Men by David Neiwert — Overlook Press — 2016

Voices in the Ocean by Susan Casey — Doubleday — 2015

Hostile Waters: Orcas in Peril — A Seattle Times Series by Lynda V. Mapes — 2018

The Fight to Free Lolita by Christopher Frizzelle The Stranger — 2015

For Decades, Granny Was the Leader of a Pack of Endangered Orcas. Then One Day, She Disappeared. By Christopher Frizzelle The Stranger — 2017

Why Do Most Orca Pregnancies End in Miscarriage? Look Upstream by Hanna Brooks Olsen — Pacific Standard 2017


The Nib

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The Nib

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