The Nib Magazine Empire Issue: Call for Pitches

In the fall of 2018, The Nib is set to launch a print quarterly magazine and we’re looking for artists to be part of issue three — The Empire issue.

We’re looking for all range of pitches — long form, short form, gags, explainers, stats. It’s going to be 100 pages of comics, square bound and beautiful, not part of the daily news cycle. We have a lot of space to fill and we’re looking to slot things into three broad categories.

• Dispatches: two page short non-fiction pieces of journalism, explainers, interviews, history and memoir.

• Non-fiction features: 8–12 page pieces of journalism, explainers, interviews, history and memoir.

• Strips: 1–2 page comics, usually funny, (but they don’t have to be) incorporating each issue’s theme in a clever way

Each issue will also feature a variety of front of the book matter and interstitial art — so if you have an unconventional idea that doesn’t fit into the above categories, it could be just what we’re looking for.

The only rule is that, like our website, we will not accept pitches on fiction longer than a short gag strip. This have to be real stories about real things that happen to real people.

In the Empire issue we want to see the fall of Rome vs. the falling of America, soft power pop culture colonization, a profile of random business empire, royal gossip, more about the assets of our empire — including Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam — and anything else you can creatively place in ribbons under Caesar’s throne.

Your pitch must be relatively timeless — this baby won’t hit shelves until 2019 — and you must be willing to go on a wild formatting journey with us to produce comics that work in a magazine that work on desktop that work on mobile. That’s right. All of the things.

Rates will be similar to what we normally pay for pieces based on length, with additional money available for things we can only do in print, like double page spread title pages, to make it extra nice.

The timeline is not tight, but it is set in stone, so we can’t tolerate blown deadlines (you know who you are). The plan is to start editorial production in October, so everything has to be assigned by mid-September, with final art due by December.

If Empire doesn’t work for you, we’re also taking pitches for the fourth issue — Scams. We want to look at Silicon Valley shell game, anti-vaxers, catfishing, cryptocurrencies, debt, capitalism, Florida land sales, fortune tellers, emails from delightful Nigerians offering your their life savings and the like.

Here are the pitch deadlines:

Empire — August 30
Scams — November 30

Hit us up with all your ideas at and tell us what you want to do and how you want to do it. No idea is too ridiculous or too crazy.

All the best,

Team Nib