by Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg

Postal ballots make it easier for everyone’s voice to be heard, especially now — but the usual forces are are arrayed against voting rights.

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Emily Flake turns the mundane stuff of life into dark satire. For The Nib, the Brooklyn-based New Yorker cartoonist has illustrated a series of things you should have accomplished by age 35, highlighted “porn for moms,” and penned a list of silver linings to the fact that climate change dooms us all.

She was interviewed by Sarah Mirk.

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How did you get started making comics professionally? Was there a point when you had to take the plunge into making art your career?

I figured out in art school that if I could make my art funny people would be more forgiving about its flaws. I went to school for illustration but I’ve always had a cartooning and writing angle going too; in 2006 I started socking away all my day-job money and living only on my freelance income; when I’d done that for a few months I figured I had at least sort of a chance of making a living plus I had a nice little pad of money (which I promptly burned through). …


The Nib

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