He sleeps.


Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

It’s not like him to sleep in, but today he does,

Still woke up with an alarm, for which I usually cause a fuss.

But today he felt off, not himself or quite okay.

I have lots of work to do, so he can rest today.

Normally he’s going, like the energizer bunny,

With way more energy than me, it’s rather funny.

How he never really stops, to take a breather or a break,

He just keeps on going, making it look like cake.

How the day just succumbs, to his bountiless amount,

The endless perseverance, on which I can always count.

Today is different though, he’s napping quietly instead,

I’m happy that he’s doing so, it’s nice to rest your head.

We all need that one day, where we just hit the hay,

Early or relax some, throughout most of the day.

Whatever it looks like for you, I recommend you doing so,

It’s nice to be human, not always running on the go.

I encourage you to take one, a chill pill as they say,

Get prepared for the next hours, so you’re ready to slay.

Photo by Richard Kennedy on Unsplash

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Nancy Nicole

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